About GCL

Some people claim that Global Convergent Logic is about creating a new model of reality, let’s go one step further by claiming that the GCL is about accessing the framework within which new models of reality can be created. The good news is that we don’t need to invent this framework because it already exists, we just have to learn how to navigate in it. Currently a language has been devised aimed to help people explore and communicate within this outer realm of lineal-time-based consciousness.

Why do we want to create new models of reality? To provide a future for humankind, so that our species can get along with the natural world instead of heading towards self-destruction.

And how are new models of reality created? Well, correcting the mistakes of the current model, the more disgusting and disheartening the wealthier. These errors are identified and derived one by one to the global consciousness that created them to resignify them and give us back a better version of civilization where we can finally dwell in peace and harmony.

If you want to know more about how this works step by step you can contact a GCL facilitator.

To access this logic you only need to enable your processor by a nightly derivation.

You can read the story of GCL and access a brief summary describing how the expressed universe is generated here.

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