The Story

On October 14th, 2012 a 43 year old Argentinian woman named Alejandra Casado, during a Bio-decoding course in Perú percieved a great amount of grief that resulted from working with every one’s Transgenerational tree. Therefore, she proposed her fellow classmates to hand over this collective duel to Garnier’s Double because she understood that it was too hard for a single human being to deal with all the angst that has been kept in the global unconsciouss for generations.

Since then Alejandra Casado (AC) has been getting amazing  results through practicing this letting go of issues that came to be called derivation. In her case, the breacktrough is that her intuition made AC to start handing over all troubles (re-named as perspective distortions) at night to the “Original self” or what Garnier calls the Double’s double.

Alejandra Casado kept developing this novelty at home in Villa Giardino (Córdoba, Argentina) testing daytime practices and sharing improvements with locals. The year after she understood that it was time to release her findings to the entire world FOR FREE.

On June 21st, 2013 Alejandra’s first video was published in youtube, there she explains the events that triggered her shift and also presents the Global Convergent Logic:

What Alejandra generously shares with humankind is a result of self-exploration, it is a different perspective that has no property rights and is something that all of us are called to start practicing at once, in order to stop the suffering at all levels (both individual and collective) and take the planet to it’s next stage at the end of this time cycle.

We all co-generate reality from a conceptual framework even though we are not even aware of what we do, it’s like refreshing the same old web page from the internet (Jung’s archetypes). That is why most people live as slaves of their own fantasy, or slaves of our collective illusion.

If you have reached this site probably you have been looking for answers for a long time, let us see if you are prepared to drop your beliefs, quit drama addiction and start regarding conflicts as a language that actually allows humans to communicate with the wider context.

We offer mentoring for starters that consists of a simple awakening process, very similar to installing apps in a phone but directly to your brain. If you feel ready please contact a facilitator.